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We supply first class, cost for value, attractive steel nails products. If you are on the lookout for the best supplier of iron nails, there is no need to look any further. With confidence, we can say that we are one of the best options you can take into consideration.

With thousands of customers who have been highly satisfied with our services, and more importantly, our high-quality steel nails, you have sufficient reason to choose us as well.
"The best or nothing."
One thing that separates us from other sellers in the market is the fact that we are offering reasonable prices. While we are not necessarily the cheapest provider of steel nails, we make sure that our prices will be loved by importers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.
-Managing Director-Mr.Li

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Common nail: most popular nails and versatile style. For construction, carpentry and framing. Larger shank provides greater resistance to bending.

Box nail: for construction, carpentry, framing, and box making. Smooth, thin shank reduces wood splitting.

Duplex head nail北京赛车pk10投注: for temporary construction where nail removal is required, such as concrete forming and scaffoldings. Smooth, uncoated shank and double head ease removal(second head remains exposed.)

Flooring nail: for securing hardwood strip flooring to subfloor.

Roofing nail: for applying roofing asphalt shingles, insulation board, and felt-to-wood substrates. Large head and heavier shank gauge provide greater holding power. Electrogalvanized nail also appropriate for use with vinyl siding.

Coil roofing nail: primary applications include roofing shingles and vinyl siding.

Finish nail: for trim and fine finishing work. Small diameter and cupped head for conter sinking beneath the wood surface for filling and smooth finished appearance.

Casing nail: for trim and fine finishing work. Heavier gauge suitable for door jams and window mouldings.

Fence staple: generally used for attaching woven wire fence, weled fence, or barbed wire to wooden fence posts. Secondary uses include attaching suspended ceilings to wood rafters using galvanized tie wire, and insulation installation.

Framing nail: used for general construction where thinner shank for driving ease is desired. Thinner than a common nail, but slightly heavier than a box nail of comparable length.

Boat nail北京赛车pk10投注for attaching wood to cinder block, mortar joints, brick walls and fresh concrete. Blunt point and tapered shank reduce splitting.

Steel cut flooring nail北京赛车pk10投注: for securing hardwood strip flooring to subfllor and to secure wood framing or furring strips to brick, block or concrete. Wide side of nail should always be driven parallel to the grain of the wood.

Patio/deck nail: for patio and deck construction.

Clout nails: a popular large headed general purpose nail, the larger head stops any pull through on the material being fixed. Applications include securing roofing felt, wire fencing and roofing slates.

Wood & hardboard siding nail: for attaching wood and hardboard siding. Extra-stiff shank for greater holding power.

Shingle nail北京赛车pk10投注: for attaching thin sidewall shingles. Large, flat head drives easily. Sturdy slim shank prevents splitting.

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  • Good Price_In hometown of metals, which save cost & benefit customers.
  • 14 Yrs Export Experience _ export through trading company since 2001.
  • Fast delivery_Our cute diligent workers are with us always.
  • Easy transport _Next to Beijing, Tianjin sea port, Exp. way & National road.
  • Integrated resource
  • Stock available
  • 100% feedback upon request

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