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Economical price. Stock available. Stringent quality.


About Us
We are family owned business of DIY metals since 2001, producing post anchor, ground screw with base metals. And with business development, steel nails are applied in our industry and with great demanding on it. So in the year of 2013, steel nails was incorporated into our business.


Our Price
As a trader of steel nails, what makes us different ? No doubt, it would be our economical price, but not necessarily the cheapest provider. Apart, stock is available. While we are offering our products at affordable prices, this does not mean that quality is being compensated in any way.The nails are made with the highest quality, making it one of the best in China and even in the rest of the world.


Our Quality
We also have stringent quality control measures, which will provide the assurance that all of the steel nails adhere to international standards and will make our clients happy. Before the nails are made available for selling and delivery, we implement a strict procedure to ensure their consistency and the ability to meet the requirements of our buyers. As a global supplier of nails, we have built a credible name, which is a good reason for you to put your trust on us.


Our Services
Get in touch with us now if you are on the lookout for high quality and affordable metal nails. While we are from China, this does not mean our products are exclusive to the country. We offer international shipping to cater to the needs of importers, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers from other countries who are interested in the nails we are offering.


Our Mission
We really look forward to form stronger business relationships together with our clients around the world. We are also considering in supplying products to other emerging markets that need such service. If you’re interested to experience our nail products and place an order, please feel free to contact our phone number or send us a message through email.


Our Philosophy
The best or nothing. We are keen on quality, while keep economical price, supply service as excellent as we can. Honor customers based on respect and sincerity.

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