Steel nails

steel nail

A steel nail consists of a metal rod or shank, pointed at one end and usually having a formed head at the other. With several type of heads, shanks, points and surface treatment.


Concrete nails

concrete nails

Unlike iron nails, concrete nails are harder and thicker to allow them to penetrate deeply on the surface where they will be nailed。 The surface of the nail has been also well treated。


Drive pins

drive pins

Drive pin nails, also named as shooting nails, mainly used for building construction,packing and furniture etc. With different heads like countersunk, checkered head.


Duplex head nail

duplex head nail

For temporary construction where nail removal is required, such as concrete forming and scaffoldings


Casing nails

casing nail

for trim and fine finishing work. Heavier gauge suitable for door jams and window mouldings.


Siding nails

siding nails

Galvanized siding nails are available in many different types and grades of quality. There are four types of galvanized nails: mechanical plated, hot-galvanizing, electroplated, and hot dipped.


Boat nails

boat nails

北京赛车pk10投注Boat Nails are commonly used in wood boat construction and repair. They will not rust or corrode in marine use. Mainly used for wood building, packing carton, motorcar, boat, etc.


Fence nails

fence nails

Fence nails also called U Type Nail/U Shape Nail, used for fencing, construction, furniture, shoe making, packaging, decoration, etc.


Common nails

common nails

Common nails are generally used in construction. These nails are weighed, are sold in pounds, and are usually manufactured in lengths of one to six inches.


Finish nails

stainless steel finishing nails

Finishing nails offer a fine, discreet appearance and are smaller than casing nails are. These nails have a small, barrel-shaped head and a small diameter.


Flooring nails

flooring nails

Flooring nails are made with high carbon steel and hardened for maximum hold in the hard concrete substrates.


Copper nails

copper nails

Made of material copper, copper nails offer beautiful decoration effect when used。


Framing nails

framing nails

Framing nails mainly used in the wooden furniture assembling or making/
wooden villa building and decorating/ gardening building/indoor or outdoor decorating


Brad nails

brad nails

A brad nail is the second-to-the-smallest nail that can be used in a nail gun, generally used in trim carpentry where the carpenter works on doors, casings, or moldings。


Roofing nails

roofing nails

Roofing nails are usually specially treated to prevent rusting and may also contain metal, lead, or plastic washers. These nails have a short shank and a wide flat head.


Coil nails

Coil Nails

There are duplex coil nails, coil screw nails, plastic coil nails, big roll coil nails, HDG coil nails, coil nails with screw shank, with ring shank, with smooth shank


Deck nails

stainless steel decking nails

Deck nail helps prevent popping of pressure treated lumber, composite decking and other decking materials。


Steel cut nails

steel cut nails

Steel cut nails are made from solid steel and are the perfect finishing touch for face nailing floors, or for nailing fences, siding, paneling etc.


Galvanized nails

galvanized nails

Galvanized steel nails prevent rusting and increase their holding power。


Corrugated nails

corrugated nails

A corrugated nail is simply a wavy piece of sheet steel sharpened at one end。 These nails vary in length and width。


Clout nails

clout nails

Clout nails, sometimes called felt nails or roofing nails, are one of the most commonly used types of nails. They usually have a short shank and a large, flat head.


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