Framing nails

Framing nails

framing nails
  • Origin: China
  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium
  • Head: flat head, round head, umbrella head, brad head
  • Shank: ring shank, smooth, screw
  • Point: diamond point
  • Finish:  bright, electro-galvanized, hot dip galvanized

stainless steel nails for framingWhen building any type of structure it is of utmost importance to focus on more than just the materials and experienced craftsmanship. In many cases, the simplest of things such as a couple of wrongly used nails for framing can compromise your project, and you will need additional time and funds to get back on track. Framing nails are a perfect example of such a product, which need to be used accordingly, keeping in mind to use the proper type and size for your project. These nails are required in any kind of construction project, and they need to be of high quality, delivered from a reliable supplier.

galvanized framing nails collatedThese framing nails are used specifically on the framework, which is needed when setting the foundation for any kind of structures. Framing implies the building of a collection of studs; joists and rafters all put together with the help of these nails. If improper nails are being used, or if they are of unreliable quality, then entire outlining structure can give out when pouring the foundation. These framing nails come in various shapes and sizes depending on the type of framework that needs to be done. Usually, when constructing the framework for a house, there are several types of nails which are required to be used. While the nail type is highly important in constructing a strong framework, the size of the nail is just as important. If you are using the wrong size, the nail can simply pull out of the wood and affect the entire project.

steel nails for framingRound head framing nails are probably the most popular nails nowadays due to their availability and high holding power. When setting up a house’s framework, it is of utmost importance to focus on the head shape because that adds to the nail’s holding strength. The wear and tear of the nail is another factor, which requires the builder’s attention. Regular, untreated nails can easily rust in a moist environment, lowering its reliability. To avoid that from happening you can purchase galvanized framing nails that will never rust due to the zinc coating, which can’t rust.

stainless steel framing nailsIf you wish to be more efficient and reduce your working time by a serious amount, then you need to use a nail gun. These guns will fire nails quickly and effectively, reducing the time it takes to set up the framework. When using this device, you also need to use special nails such as the plastic collated framing nails, which will ensure that your gun fires them appropriately, in rapid succession and without causing any gems.


Reliable supplier of framing nails

It’s important to find a reliable supplier, which offers quality nails, in order to improve your productivity and to ensure that the structure will be stable and pass any inspections. High quality framing nails will ensure that your project holds together, and you may proceed without worry that your holdings may give out.

framing nails drawing


Model No.Nail length


Cap Width


Cap thick




Size customization available

ST38 framing nails dimension check

framing nails size
framing nails dimension check

Packing details:

  1. 20-25k per carton or wooden box in bulk .
  2. 75 or 100 pieces/box then cartons.
  3. 400 gram/box, 50boxes/paper carton.
  4. 500gram/box 40boxes/paper carton.
  5. 1kg/box,25box/carton.
steel nails packaging workshop

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 Aluminium Carbon steel Copper Stainless steel

Head type
 Flat head Round head Headless Other

 Smooth Ring Grooved Twilled Other

 Diamond Blunt Other

Surface treatment
 HDG Electro-galvanized Polish Black Other


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